Based in the New York Metropolitan Area, Anum is a collector of diversity in all its definitions. As an immigrant, born in Pakistan, having lived in Europe and assimilating in the United States since 2017 – "belonging" has been a constant search. Every moment in each cultural setting is extraordinary for Anum, because all are home and not. A thinker, maker and storyteller, her creative expression like her sense of belonging isn't confined to one particular medium but traverses across industries and verticals bringing out the sense of home in all of her projects.

Anum is presently studying Product Development and Interior Design from Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). She has a BFA(Distinction) in Painting from the National College of Arts, Pakistan. Her aesthetic in fine art, spatial and physical product design is informed by melding aspects of divergent, physical realities that inspire nostalgia, warmth and belonging – a home–coming.

Taking this aesthetic, over the course of her creative career – Anum has project–managed and provided creative direction for spatial design, art curation, curriculum development, human centered business strategy and operations and event planning. Furthermore, collaborating with artisans in remote areas of Pakistan, to realize her creative visions is a continuing passion project. Her visual thinking brain thrives on problem solving for harmony in spatial styling and design.

Currently, diving deeper into product and surface design to finetune her aestheticizing skills in the home and apparel space, Anum does private consultations to provide bespoke solutions in this field.

Anum's work explores the spatio-temporal continuum via photography, using the canvas as liminal space for the explicit and the implicit. Fueled by the banalities of daily life, Anum's work muses to unearth the extraordinary stories they characterize.

The photograph is a memento of space and time that is dissected to translate the past into an experience representing the present. Bold color and gestural texture seek to consummate the visual. When seeing, the viewer becomes part of this discourse.

Color plays a striking role in Anum's work for its transcendental/subliminal qualities. Contrasting color, in her paintings becomes a metaphorical depiction of coexistent polarities.